6 ways to secure a mans heart…


I can’t argue the fact that men and women are different, even such that we truly have a hard time understanding each other.  However, there are a couple things that if women knew about us, they could have us eating out of their palms.

Be proud of us.  Tell the world, it gets back to us; we love to hear that we matter to you.  If we have done something noteworthy, post it, tell a friend, or mention it in a group.  You can overdo this for sure, don’t, but let us know every once and a while in different venues.

Listen to us. What?  This may seem strange to hear coming from the gender that isn’t known for listening, or who listens in a different way, but it is important.  You know how to listen; you do it with girlfriends all the time.  When you sit down, make eye contact and show genuine interest when we have something important to say.

Say that you appreciate us.  I know we should be able to read your feelings, but we are block heads!  Some guys (ok all of us perhaps) need a little more than the messages sent by your actions alone.  A more direct approach to our hearts is telling us!  Hearing along with your actions helps us realize you care.

Be sure we know you are thinking about us.  We really don’t mind being apart if we know you miss us.  If you are out with friends, great, just send a message (a text) saying hi.  Even if we are secure in our relationships, we love to hear from you.  A simple communication such as this puts a smile on our face and comforts our heart.

Be affectionate with us.  Oddly enough this doesn’t mean jumping our bones (even though you know this is on our mind), it is simple things.  Hold our hand, lock arms, play with our hair, or give a slight hug now and then.  This unassuming gesture will make us feel that you enjoy being with us.

Let us feel we can protect you.  We can be labeled in many ways; one certainly can be that we sense an innate responsibility to shelter you from harm.  Show us you feel comfort in our presence and that we are able to defend you if needed.  After a long day and while lying on the couch or later in bed, move over and putting your head on our chest or something similar.  Nothing feels as good as know you feel safe in our arms…


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