It’s been 30 years…


JarenIt was over thirty years ago when as a young man I began my voyage into adulthood.  I had just returned from Sydney, Australia, where I had lived abroad for two years.  My intension was to attend the University of Utah majoring in business.  Employment was a priority, as I had little resources to live, let alone pay tuition.  The first opportunity that presented itself was a carpet cleaning job.  I would be working with (and for) my cousin who owned the business.  This was a good job, for it paid a fair wage, was physical work (so I could stay in shape) and the hours were flexible enough for me to attend college.

We cleaned residential homes which primarily included carpets as well as the furniture.  On occasion, we would have commercial jobs which commonly were at odd hours, so that we would not interfere with the business operations.   One evening, we were to clean a physician’s office.  As we walked in with our equipment, my eyes immediately fell on one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen… Kim.  Circumstances didn’t allow for our courtship at that time (another story), but months later we enrolled into a dance class unbeknownst to each other. The rest is history.

On Saturday we will celebrate 30 years of marriage.  Since our marriage, a lot has happened; such as building a family, establishing careers, traveling the world, and reaching dreams maybe not even thought of.  There have been bumps along the road, sadness beyond what was felt endurable (like the loss of our father’s and the unexpected deaths of Anne, Kim’s sister who was 27, and Hugh, my sister’s husband who was 47).  There have been personal and family tragedies as well. However, each of these events has deepened our faith, strengthened our love, and gave greater meaning to “the good times.”

I cannot help but look forward with excitement, now knowing how wonderful the sum total of our first 30 years has been.  Today, as I look at Kim, her beauty remains just as stunning as the first time I saw her! More than that though, I now know her heart as well as anyone could.  I married an angel who has, and will, bless this world.  Her character and strength are relied on by all who know her.  For those who don’t, your time will come.  When it does, please partake with gratitude, as we know it is what makes Kim happy.  As she gives, she lives…

Babe, these first 30 years were amazing!  Here’s to 30 more…

Your loving husband

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