Are you significant in the lives of those who mean something to you?

Yes-I-am-significantAs we mature, we learn personal characteristics that if utilized effectively, our existence will be grander than our wildest dreams.  Imagine having a second chance in redoing some of our most dreaded life experiences.  The best way I see for us to avoid some of these pitfalls is to learn from those who are significant to us.  Below is a list of simple things I believe are positive traits of meaningful people:

  • They are kind.
  • They forgive themselves.
  • They give credit; and take blame.
  • They are better at listening than speaking.
  • They make the seemingly little things count.
  • They recognize it’s never too late to apologize.
  • They stop talking when their point has gotten across.
  • They realize people see them for what they do; not say.
  • They know that falling down is merely a part of getting up.
  • They look directly into your eyes when they are talking with you.
  • They appreciate that gloating diminishes what they may have accomplished.
  • They understand that keeping their word will prove to be one of their greatest assets.


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