5 easy steps to a balanced life…

In visiting with a few friends, I have learned how very busy we all are today. While none of downloadus will complain about having work, particularly after the difficult economy we have been through, we must find balance in our lives. Balance will include both internal and external factors. Internal being heart, mind and health, with external being family, work, social and recreation.

What does it mean to have balance? It means nothing more than ensuring the various elements of life aren’t being directed too much in one direction. An example would be our current workloads. Are they taking us away from meaningful relationships? It is often within these relationships we find peace and satisfaction. Taking care of loved ones may be a reason we are working so hard. Yet, in reality, overworking takes away more than money can give. I, for one, am well aware that my children care more for my attention than what money can buy.

There are a few steps we can take to move toward balance. If today we find ourselves a little off, the initial step is nothing more than acknowledging that we may be out of balance. With this realization, we can effectively examine priorities and identify areas where we have lost focus. Look specifically at these areas, place them in order of importance, and then set goals to enable them to take on a higher priority. Now plan daily tasks which include events geared toward these priorities. They may be spending time with loved ones, exercising, studying and/or reading, or relaxing. Make this your own; fill it with things you care about.

Your life will begin to take on more meaning. We may not get it right the first time. It may take several attempts, so review what you have done periodically. Ensure your days are well spent, re-evaluate priorities again, and then prepare new goals that continually align with where your heart is.

A balanced life is filled with more abundance than any one person can ever dream of.



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  1. Lyn says:

    Every now and then I need help getting myself centered, so I pull up your site. There has always been something there for me to gleam from.
    Thank you for making a difference in my life!

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