You did what? oh come on…

Ever wonder if you are the only person on this planet who feels disappointment? Are yousocial ever left saying to yourself, “Why me?” Imagine for a minute what our social interaction may have looked like in a time prior to the internet. Our sphere of influence (group of friends and family) were pretty tight knit. Our understanding of their life events included the good and the bad. We mourned in times of sorrow and rejoiced as lives filled with accomplishment.

Fast forward to today. What may have been more intimate contact with a select group is expanded far beyond historical scope, reaching far greater numbers. The life events we read now may contain natural filters where we see more of the “good” life. What may have been intimate today is magnified a hundred times over. With the increasing use of social media, our minds are drawn toward artificial worlds of envy which naturally misplace our expectations. It well may be that we are all doing far better than we think, that our disappointment is nothing more than misunderstanding. Our hope for things is most likely out of balance as we measure against completely unrealistic ideals.

To overcome this false sense of reality, there are a few very easy things we can do. 1) Understand that if the stories you hear are true, they are the highlights of people’s lives. Not everyone reaches climatic emotion all the time or even on a regular basis. There are millions of stories every day; you only see/hear about the 10 or 15 fantastic ones. Your time has come before—it may be here now—and will certainly come again and again and again. 2) Don’t focus on others and what you feel they are doing. Realize how simple things have always brought a smile to your face. Life isn’t a competition, particularly against unrealistic expectations. If you carry a competitive spirit, compete against the person you were yesterday. We are all unique, and as such different things make us happy. Seek after these. If your garden, children, work, hobbies, travel, or a good book are what bring you joy, do these things. 3) Celebrate others’ achievements. We live in an abundant world designed to provide for everyone. As others reach their dreams, it makes ours feel ever so much closer.

What I have learned that brings me the greatest joy is serving others. If this new world of social interaction with massive growth has your attention drawn away from our real world, nothing will serve you better than the touch of another life!


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