Touched by a hero!

As with many of you, when we meet one of our country’s heroes, it is natural for us to feel Soldiers_DC_20110118_HDR_Logoof their spirit as they convey a heart of service, among other things. Our military men and women carry a certain demeanor and high level of respect that inspires us to do better, sacrifice more, and be reminded of how valuable our freedom is.

I have been corresponding with a disabled veteran named Stephan Timothy. He is a generational serviceman who fits every positive description we can place on any hero. What touched me most about our visit was the pride he expressed in knowing his son had chosen to follow suit. I have yet to meet a hero who seeks praise or recognition, so this post will be met with humility and a simple request to take it down. Until then, enjoy with me the inspiration gained from a man who placed his life before ours.

Here is what Stephen wrote me in an email as a response to me thanking him for his service. (It is followed by a link to a song I had never heard that he shared with me and I want to pass it alone as well)

“Thank you for your kind words regarding military service. We all were given yet another incredible year of freedom in 2014. I look at freedom as the house we live in. Our brave and sacrificing servicemen and servicewomen do all they can to keep so many ravenous wolves from racing through the front door or springing in through the windows or down the chimney… while at the same time protecting and aiding the poor and helpless in surrounding areas elsewhere. Gotta love ’em!”

Yes we do! and thank you for the reminder. So often we may forget or take for granted the gifts we are given by many who remain unknown. Your gift isn’t lost on us, and forever will we be grateful as a people and nation.



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