It is best we don’t agree…

I was impressed with President Obama reaching out to Trump welcoming a healthy transition of leadership. “The peaceful transfer of power is one of the hallmarks of our democracy.” Secretary Clinton was graceful in defeat and suggested our constitutional democracy demands our participation. I agree and suggest this advice makes for our greatness. We all must continue to do our part…

For me, the significance of life is found in being fully engaged in activities. The best undertakings for our well-being are found when we utilize our individual characteristics and invest them in something larger than ourselves. Our experiences—exaggerated by dreams—carried on faith and filled with hope can either succeed or fail. Either outcome eventually satisfies our inner soul because happiness can only be fully understood through loss. The joy of success is sweetened if one has felt the agony of defeat.

Our country has just experienced what has been described as one of the ugliest, hardest fought elections in our history. Well over 120,000,000 citizens took to the ballot box and exercised their right. Many of us were fully engaged requiring great mental and physical strength. We carried passion about our cause wanting to endure what many times felt like an impossible mission.

Emotions were larger-than-life as we failed to see why others (most often friends and family) could be so oblivious to what we knew to be true and felt in our hearts. Stories were overstated, feelings hurt, and our ability to listen stifled. Yet we maintained diligence in efforts to accomplish what we believed in which is healthy.

At the end of the day; some of us lost the battle. This emotion, like others in life sits low in the stomach. We walk in a somber state carrying in our hearts a suffocating feeling as if all hope has been lost. I know this feeling both from historical national campaigns and on a personal level having run for office. It sucks!

Today, as I sit in my office rejoicing in the outcome, I innocently look to my wall where I arnoldhave hanging a painting titled “The Prayer at Valley Forge” by Arnold Friberg. My heart immediately turns to those on the other side who may be heavy with sorrow as I realize—like George Washington—I can turn in prayer for the relief and support of my fellow beloved citizens and our country. It is every one of you great and wonderful people that have given me perspective, allowed me an opportunity to share my view, and who with me can build on the rich history of our great nation. President Washington considered it an indispensable duty to solicit the help of the Almighty. I too find comfort in kneeling in prayer at this critical time in our countries history.

Friends, I pray for your comfort. I pray that we will put the passion of the election behind us and reunite as citizens. I pray that we will build strength from our differences realizing unmet dreams, carried by faith and filled with hope for a better day!

It is together we have made this country great; it is together we will continue building on this rich heritage…



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