Pawns in a political game

Our experiment with democracy has been a beacon to the world. Certainly, we have had times of great trial as we settle into an ever-improving environment where individual freedoms allow for personal growth and community development. Still, the world’s population is happier, healthier, and more self-sufficient as crime falls and wars become less frequent. All because our example of self-reliance and personal accountability help humanity achieve dreams filling hearts with hope.

These truths may not resonate with those tied to stories of the day in our twenty-four-hour news cycle. As our media fights for eyeballs and clicks, they latch onto anything that will grab our attention. Each side of the political spectrum is guilty of forfeiting common journalistic procedure allowing for unfortunate, misguided bias. A bias thought to fill our perceived personal preferences. Oh, if they only knew how we long for the truth as they pit us against each other for their selfish aims.

Think for a minute about how many of us are similar; even in our differences. I argue fewer than one percent of our population is out demonizing as the press attempts to make us feel differently. Their greatest days are those where they can dig up schisms and fights perhaps even internally created to achieve ratings. They feed on us believing we are enemies to thought counter to our own. Time is spent fighting one another instead of fighting for what matters. As we do this, the progress of our past shrinks into the background.

It is in healthy civil discussions of difference we have gained our greatest rewards. The promoted narcissism of trivial variances of opinion keep us from doing important work. The work of realizing things have gotten better and can continue to do so.

We need to be aggressive; we must be aggressive, but aggressive in doing what is right, what is best for all. Fighting inequality together, fighting inefficiency together, fighting abuse together, fighting manipulation together. Working together has proven our collective efforts open doors of opportunity. These joint labors form a citizenry that is yet to lose on the world stage. History has shown us that when America puts her best foot forward; anything is possible.


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