Who survives crisis?

If we look at humanity and the roles we have played over centuries, it isn’t the most intellectual, nor is it the strongest who survive, but those who adapt to the changing environment. In times of historical disruption, transformation is immediate! We learn quickly, who among us have natural leadership qualities. As these frontrunners instincts kick in, they get a feel for the opportunity and anxiously grasp onto the challenge of adapting eagerly to the situation.

We are caught in a pivotal moment right now—tittering between the danger of the pandemic and the need to shift back to normal. Those who step up now are the individual’s history will write about. Our rescuers will be those who have a sense of stability, chose to respond instead of react. They will lean into the opportunity, remain calm in the face of danger, and take the initiative to find solutions. The champions will be those who are willing to risk, aren’t afraid of mistakes, and take personal responsibility.

For us to ensure the wellbeing of families, businesses, and communities, we need for those chosen to lead to realize reaction is tied to the past and response is linked to the future. We have never been here before; a reaction will be based on fear. We know putting our hand on a hot stove will burn!

Leaders, you are at the intersection of danger and opportunity. We pray for your ability to respond; it will enable our future.


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