Standby list

When someone asks how you are doing, is your reply fine? When we answer in this way, we are telling ourselves the same thing! Why we would accept fine when we can be so much more.

Are you aware that for us to accomplish an ideal, a dream, a hope, we need no more energy than what is required to get out of bed when the alarm goes off? Think when you push the snooze button, you accept that you aren’t willing to do what you had hoped for when you set the alarm. If, on the other hand, you get right out and going about your day, you have succeeded in meeting an expectation.

Now, with the understanding of the small energy required to start on your path to success, you need only understand one more tip. Success doesn’t always come on our first try. Have you ever flown standby on an airline? Some who are fortunate can get on the first flight; they have more status (experience) than others and move onto the plane right away. Yet, all who are willing to wait (keep trying) will eventually get on the plane.

When you commit to using the small amount of energy needed to accomplish your goal, just remember, you may need to do it a few times to get the desired outcome. It will always come to those who are willing to wait for their turn.


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