Happy Mother’s Day!

Two generations and over sixty years separated us, yet I could sense my great grandmother cared for me in my young heart. In her presence, I felt safe, meaningful, and as if she could see into my soul. While I lived 8,000 miles away at her passing, her spirit reached out and brought me comfort in my time of need.

Closer in age, yet separated by vast life experiences, my grandmother’s were my first familiarity with angels living here on earth. Every memory I carry is one of gratitude for their kindness and generosity. Whether dealing with a terminal illness or the ailments age brought to loved ones, they both maintained never-ending love, concerned more for others than themselves.

My first physical touch was that of my mother. While I can’t remember the time, experience now shows it was an introduction to love. As youth, we don’t realize the value of our mother’s adoration. I have never felt anything but respect from my mother. There have been times I didn’t like myself, yet in those dark moments, it is a mother’s care that brings us back into the light. As an adult, I now realize that it was on the back of constant prayer and support of a loving mother that I got a leg up on life.

Being a parent changed my life. There is nothing more daunting than feeling the responsibility for a new life. In that time, it was my wife’s natural ability as a mother where I learned firsthand the connection of her body and soul to her children. Nothing, and I genuinely mean nothing, can stop her from caring for her children. Other things are important and have meaning, but our children have first dubs at her heart when they need her attention.

Grandchildren seem to be the greatest gift from God. Part of that experience is witnessing how my daughters hold a heavenly gaze as they nurture their children. No training, no schooling, no experience, but pure love connects a mother to her children. These young girls and boys are in good hands, surrounded by the nurturing spirit of their mother. I can see the life cycle continue as this gift is handed down, allowing for the growth and development of the next generations.

Lastly, and likely the most important. When you reach an age where you can now look into the eyes of grandchildren, it doesn’t take but a few memorable moments to see how the traits I’ve mentioned above come from the soul. My granddaughters from the very beginning carry the characteristics I’ve participated in my entire life. It brings satisfaction to belief in a Being larger than us, who cares enough to embolden spirits with the protection, love, and guidance of a mother’s care while here on earth.

So it is on this Mother’s Day, I honor women across the globe with gratitude and bewilderment at their ability to care for and develop their children. And more specifically, I thank those women in my life, from my Great Grandma to my sweet Grand Daughters, for being who they are, knowing what they have and will accomplish.


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