I’m so tired, my tired is tired too

I’m tired of being tired! I am done with the madness. I’ve said the silent majority sits back until there is a breaking point where we revolt. We’ve passed that point. I can’t sit back anymore. The social media platform has become a place where a vocal minority shouts from the darkness. They hide behind the distress they created. A place where good people of all faiths, colors, and sexual preferences fear speaking out against the foolishness of a few.

I don’t care! Cancel me. Call me an old, male, heterosexual bigot. Make fun of my red hair, my freckles, or my light complexion. Say I am overweight, out of touch, or uncaring. Tease me about having faith in a Creator, about loving my family, and about having enjoyed some success. I can take it. I have seen what good people doing remarkable things are being called. The hate is so far from reality it is shocking. Bring it on. I am comfortable with who I am and what those who know me can see in my character.

As the silent majority, we read posts, comments, and criticisms knowing there are no facts to bear the hatred. The gaps in their logic become more profound as we witness their ignorance of premises known to the minds of truth seekers. Not only are names thrown out, but accusations on beliefs and philosophies. Their words of animosity are as childish as the bullies who haunt playgrounds and hallways.

Why has the systemic anything risen to a point where all are guilty regardless of personal history or character? Who will survive the idiocy of critique from the tiny fractions of those who self elect to be judge and jury?

The misanthrope’s fill the media with diatribes using historical figures as their evidence. Unaware of the conditions these early pioneers faced. They dig into the past, not caring about the circumstance as snippets of information are used solely to pile on more division. There is no concern for innocent lives ruined. They hear what they want to hear. Facts don’t matter; people don’t matter; sadly, our country doesn’t matter either.

Our great country has progressed on a world stage correcting ills and building self-reliance. We have pulled people out of poverty while creating a level playing field. We aren’t done, we may never be, but we are moving collectively in the right direction. Our freedom shifts differences to strengths as we work together. It bears the burden of lending a hand and caring for all.

Those who are active in creating division are told we won’t fight back. Guess what. I will! I love our country, am proud of our history, and know that we will make our home an even better place to live by working together.


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