A Mother’s Undying Embrace

In a town where whispers spread like wildfire’s trace,  

A young man bore secrets, shadows on his face.  

The burdens of blunders, of paths misaligned,  

Lay heavy on his heart, shadows intertwined.

As dusk painted shadows, the horizon to chase,  

He sought for some comfort, a familiar embrace.  

He stopped at his threshold, memories in rewind,  

Of days bathed in innocence, when stars brightly shined.

With a hesitant heart, he nudged the door’s face,  

To find his dear mother, with a soft, knowing grace.  

She’d heard the town’s tales, the whispers combined,  

Yet her gaze held no fury, only love undefined.

She stepped even nearer, eyes shimmering with tears,  

Not for town’s loose tongues, but her son’s inner fears.  

Before words could form, before he could decline,  

She whispered, “Forever, my love’s yours, son of mine.”

“Share with me your journey, your truths, stark and smart,  

Life weaves tales of sorrow, but we get to restart.  

Speak, let our hearts converse, let them entwine,  

Through tempests and trials, in love, we’ll align.”

In that profound silence, amid emotions so steep,  

He found refuge and warmth, in her embrace, so deep.  

Though judgments may echo, through time’s vast design,  

A mother’s love stands, timeless and divine.

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