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“The greater your knowledge, the less you want.”—Jaren

“To live a rich life of self-satisfaction, loyal friends, great wisdom, and countless opportunities, try giving at every turn.  Offer to help with no expectation of receiving.  Share your wisdom, your talents, and your possessions.”—Jaren

“Have as a natural mindset; the thought you will never run out of worth by giving totally and completely.”—Jaren

“Success is nothing more or less than being who you want to be; progressing toward your ideal each day.”—Jaren

Friends:  “When you are up, you will lift them; when you are down, they will elevate you.  You will give to them when they are in need; when you are in want, they will provide for you.  When they need love and advice, you will give freely; and when you necessitate, they will console you.”—Jaren

“I am a proud American; I feel blessed to be part of a diverse collection of citizens who want a better world.”—Jaren

“Our diversity is strength; coming to consensus is not having everything our way but realizing value in opinion.”—Jaren

“Together, we are better, stronger, and smarter.  Apart we divide, fall, and are unable to grow.”—Jaren

“The attitude you carry of a willingness to see the world through the eyes of those you meet will be your greatest gift.”—Jaren

“Selflessness in relationships allows for a closeness many will never experience.”—Jaren

“Think of others before yourself; you will be blown away at how rich your life will become.”—Jaren

“If you want to better yourself, better your fellow being.  If you want to feel the richness and warmth of unfailing love, give it.  If you want to make a difference and leave your world a better place, let others know how important they are as you put their needs above yours.”—Jaren

“Show charity towards your fellow beings and live a life many will only dream of.”—Jaren

“We take a course in life directed by what seems at the time to be simple decisions.”—Jaren

“Know deep within your soul you have a compass which will express itself to greatness if not overcome by unworthy fears of decisions.”—Jaren

“Obstacles will be conquered, abilities expressed, and your wildest dreams met with confidence as you rely on your heart.”—Jaren

“Make the decision with confidence, and the world will be yours.”—Jaren

“Know deep in your soul; the only thing preventing you from reaching your dream is the fear of knowing “you can do it!”—Jaren

“The person inside you is someone we all need to be exposed to greatness, don’t be afraid!”—Jaren

“We might see the world completely differently if first, we could learn to think of others and how we make them feel.”—Jaren

“Life is not about “how we feel” but “how we make others feel.”—Jaren

“As you contemplate the deeper meaning of going through life without clear direction, you might find there are far more circumstances where we just go through life unaware of where we are going.”—Jaren

“The energy used to succeed is not much more than that of being complacent if it is directed properly.”—Jaren

“When you share, you learn; when you learn, you grow; and when you grow, you develop…”—Jaren

“The way in which we become our best individually is by enabling others, which makes for a better world.”—Jaren

“Live a life fulfilled and reflect on the things you have with gratitude.”—Jaren

“We need to learn eternally what makes us happy, not exaggerating with others’ perceived experiences.”—Jaren

“Your stormy days will not have to be dreaded once you learn to dance in the rain.”—Jaren

“Some of our deepest understandings come from the simplest words or statements.”—Jaren

“To accomplish anything we want in life, we must go step by step.”—Jaren

“Then realize “motivation” is simply taking one step at a time and not giving up.  You don’t need to go from the ground floor to the top of the building in one step; no one can!  Take one step at a time and be motivated to keep climbing.”—Jaren

“When we find our passion and are motivated to stick with it, we will accomplish anything we hope for over time.”—Jaren

“Don’t become discouraged with lack of overnight accomplishment; instead, remember: step by step, line upon line, one day at a time.”–Jaren

“Motivation is knowing you are learning, growing, and succeeding toward your desired outcome while sustaining positive momentum.”—Jaren

“Spring ushers in the birth and growth of new beginnings. Summer develops and matures new life in the warmth of light.  Fall celebrates life and displays inspiration through color.  Winter then rests and builds for the new day, preparing for the next season.”—Jaren

“In our growth and celebration, people come into our life rewarding us with their wisdom and example.”–Jaren

“Some come and leave, fulfilling a single purpose; others, for a time or a season to teach us by sharing their experiences; and a select few who participate forever with relationships that endure through eternity.”—Jaren

“Intense feelings of love and admiration come while serving our fellow beings.”—Jaren

“When we serve we experience, when we experience we teach, when we teach we learn when we learn, our lives are permanently changed, and as our lives are changed, we are enriched beyond our wildest dreams.”—Jaren

“There are friends, loved ones, and strangers praying for your involvement in their life.   Act on it!”—Jaren

“We will all find an intense love for our fellow beings by understanding each other.”—Jaren

“Taking the time to understand why we are as we are will be one of the greatest gifts you will ever possess.”—Jaren

“There are many varied, wonderful, colorful, and loving people out there waiting for us to welcome them into our world.”—Jaren

“Remember the things in life that are free to each of us–our family, our friends, our soul, our hopes, our dreams, and our knowledge—are the most important.”—Jaren

“If used appropriately, calm, stillness, and quiet times in a speech give the listener time to catch up, relate personally, gain understanding, and even build up emotion.”—Jaren

“True joy and happiness come from an abundance often forgotten, love.”—Jaren

“No matter your age, no matter your experience, no matter your understanding, seek out the knowledge of your fellow beings.”—Jaren

“Learn from your own experiences, make observations of others, but be wise enough to know the value of another’s opinion.”—Jaren

“Never be too old, smart, or stubborn to seek wisdom.”—Jaren

“Effective leaders need nothing but themselves to move us to the common good.”—Jaren

“There is no individual with the capability, personal knowledge, or skill to understand all that is necessary for our individual or collective betterment.”—Jaren

“Leaders understand their weaknesses and appreciate the need to fill in the gaps with trusted advisors.  They are not threatened by surrounding themselves with smarter, more talented people.  They know the only way to come to an understanding of what is best, what unintended consequences may be, or how to aspire to new greater heights; leaders must use all available talent.”—Jaren

“Leaders understand it is not they who achieve but the collection of all thoughts and desires.”—Jaren

“A true leader is one who is the greatest servant and is willing to give their all to others.  One who will openly give praise to others and never seek the admiration of those for whom they lead.”—Jaren

“True leaders are individuals we want to emulate.  They teach us about the greatness we have inside, bringing out our abilities, allowing us to be better for having known them.”—Jaren

“A true test of one’s ability to lead comes from respect while leading, fruits of service, and continued admiration after the title is gone.”—Jaren

“Personal accountability in individuals maintains limited government.”—Jaren

“Government is needed to ensure our freedom to pursue individual goals but not mandating our every move.”—Jaren

“If we move toward a government who believes they can guarantee our problems will be solved by their wisdom, we have lost why we came to the greatness we enjoy.”—Jaren

“Power is in the people and our unique ability to solve problems without intervention from a small group of elected individuals.”—Jaren

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