Whether for a reason, a season, or a lifetime…

Spring ushers in the birth and growth of new beginnings. Summer develops and matures new life in the warmth of light. Fall celebrates the life and displays inspiration through color. Winter then rests and builds for the new day, preparing for the next season.

In life, we are blessed to have seasons as well. These perhaps are not as recognizable as those displayed by Mother Earth, yet they are just as important. In our growth and celebration, people come into our life, rewarding us with their wisdom and example. These interactions were designed by our creator to aid us in our development as individuals. Some come and leave, fulfilling a single purpose; others, for a time or a season, to teach us by sharing their experiences; and a select few participate forever with relationships that endure through eternity.

We are blessed to have each of these interactions with those we meet– whether for a reason, a season, or a lifetime–as each plays an important role. The most meaningful is finding those we committed to finding here in this life, knowing we would grow together. These plans were laid out knowing when and where life would allow soul mates to reunite. Our reunions carry conviction of the soul and loyalty of selflessness. Finding lifelong friends is joyous, necessary, and rewarding.

Thank you to those who are yet to arrive or have come into my life for a reason. To all, I was blessed to share a season with and those who lie ahead, I also thank you. But to those who have connected with my family, who will share a lifetime together with us, and me, I trust we will add as much to your life’s fulfillment as you do and will do for ours. Each of you has made my life worth living. Words cannot express my gratitude; nevertheless, a simple “thank you” is attached to a sincere desire that we will continue enhancing each other’s futures.


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