Make the decision with confidence, and the world will be yours.

Does the simple act of making a decision prevent you from reaching your highest heights or living the life you desire? I attended a conference yesterday; the keynote speaker said, “as a new manager, I almost didn’t hire an individual as they were more qualified and smarter.” His fear was that if he hired this person, he would be replaced as manager. Thinking to himself, he concluded, “leaders surround themselves with people who are more talented, knowing their own limitations.” After debating what to do internally, he hired this person, believing in himself and overcoming his fear. This proved to be a life-changing event for this speaker as this new employee not only helped take the company to new heights but became a lifelong friend. What this speaker achieved in life is directly related to a simple decision that day. These two individuals went on to become leaders of a world-class operation, won international awards, and entertained millions.

What if he had listened to his fear by not hiring this person (making the wrong decision)? One could argue his management position would be secure by not allowing anyone who was better, brighter, or more talented into the company. Wisdom suggests he would only be a manager for a short time as the company would replace him. Maybe if the entire company thought as he did, the company would close from lack of leadership.

We take a course in life directed by what seems at the time to be simple decisions. Our path may only appear to be altered slightly at the moment, but over a lifetime, we find ourselves in a different place. Know deep within your soul you have a compass that will express itself to greatness if not overcome by unworthy fears of decisions. Obstacles will be conquered, abilities expressed, and your wildest dreams met with confidence as you rely on your heart. Make the decision with confidence, and the world will be yours.


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  1. D. Brush says:


    You have a real gift of writing in a fashion that can touch people’s souls. Keep it up! I am looking forward to reading the book.


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