“If I could be anything in the world, what would it be?”

What is it in life that keeps us from achieving our dreams? Could it be fear? Perhaps. Nelson Mandela said, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” If it is fear keeping us from reaching our innermost desires, maybe we just need to understand the fear.

I was blessed to be the broker of an office of agents where together, we achieved outrageous success. We operated with a volume of business that gave us the distinction of being number one in our state—while at the same time enjoying the status of ranking number four in the country. Being from a small state with fewer residents than our competitors, this ranking was miraculous. We often had individual agents competing as top agents in the nation. In one year, we produced the number one agent in the nation and in another year, the top agent internationally. Our office had the honor of having more “sales agents of the year” than any other office—and today, I know of no office that has come close.

So what did we do differently? Nelson Mandela said, “As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” We had individuals who overcame the perceived roadblocks by blasting through them with confidence. These people are average, just as we are, yet, they learned it was okay to succeed. As I would visit with agents one-on-one, I would challenge them to find anything extraordinary in a skill set of our highest producers that they themselves did not possess. Not once in my career did anyone come to me with a reason they were inferior. I would say, “I do not want you doing exactly what they are doing because you have a different skill set. Rather let them be an example that you can do it and that it is okay.” Then the fun began. The higher producers were being pushed by the newly liberated up-and-comers to do even more. We had an attitude of knowing we were powerful beyond measure—each of us.

Sit back and ask yourself, “If I could be anything in the world, what would it be?” Deep in your soul, the only thing preventing you from reaching your dream is the fear of knowing, “you can do it!” Release yourself from the fear and succeed beyond your wildest dreams. Know that someone is probably out there somewhere living your dream. This person is no different from you, except they accepted that “it is okay to succeed’.” They are not afraid of their power.

Do this in anything you want in your life. What will amaze you is that you will find yourself surrounded by others who witness what you are doing and catch on. As they follow your lead, you will be liberated to do even more. Before long, a small army of individuals will shine light on each other, changing lives as you go. The person inside you is someone we all need to be exposed to greatness, don’t be afraid!


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