Your legend lives on; you are keeping me forever young!

Rigoletto, oh Rigoletto, a legend in time; your memory is keeping me forever young. I remember the day we first laid eyes on each other as if it were yesterday. Our spirits touched that day; only deities could comprehend how our souls united, creating new light in each of us. In that light, I grew from youthful innocence to adulthood maturity.

Understanding the purity we enjoyed in life together is engraved on my heart. As we traveled on our path together, we were unaware of what lay ahead, yet together we crossed each and every obstacle as if they were not there. Yes, there were times alone we felt this may be our last, yet together, we never met with self-destruction. Oh, the life lessons learned as we rode to the crest of our career, achieving the pinnacle of our sport very few will ever see. Grand Champion agreed, but not what matters now; as we grew, we learned, and as we learned, we overcame together.

I miss the days our touch brought comfort, and my soul could again ride yours into a life of comfort and safety. For those in life who have never had a bond such as ours, they might think the day I had to put you down would be our most difficult. We both know it is not true, as this was my gift to you. Some may think that day while you lay on the ground was the end of our journey, also not true; our bond will last through eternity. I am riding you now; true, your flame may be out, yet your legend lives on in me.

You taught me in our time together to give my all in everything I do; I learned to give with my heart from you. I found safety with you as each time I gave my heart; you would give it back, stronger than it had ever been before. I was safe, I am safe, and I will be safe. I live in an abundant world and will continue giving and learning as I go. This lesson I learned with you.

Your legend lives on; you are keeping me forever young!


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