Treat others as you want to be treated

What are some of the life lessons we want to learn? I suggest among them, maybe even nearing the top of the list will, be, “Treat others as you want to be treated.”
For those of us who have had the experience of receiving love and respect regardless of our position, circumstance, or appearance, we realize the magnitude of this simple yet profound life lesson. Does being a doctor, business owner, or leader of many people place an individual’s value higher than that of a clerk, assistant, or even a garbage collector? Certainly not; each of us is part of a collective whole wanting a better world. What we have chosen to do for our life’s passion does nothing to change our character. How we may appear does little to alter our inner souls.
Life presents to us many individuals who, at certain times and places, aid us on our life’s path to ensure our improvement. Those interactions are lost if we miss an opportunity by submitting ourselves to judgments. Think of the times you may have been overlooked because the observer incorrectly assumed. What about the times your judgment was later invalidated after receiving more information?
As we go through life with an open heart, seeing the potential in all, we are open to the abundance of the world. Our children and others will find lives of incalculable value if we teach them (hopefully by example) the benefit of “Treating others as we want to be treated.”

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