Some of my favorite things

The other night I decided I would watch the “Sound of Music” as it had been some time since I remember seeing this film in its entirety. Music, for me, is really soothing; it brings great understanding to words of meaning very quickly. While watching, many of the songs touched me, but one in particular, “My Favorite Things,” stood out. It hit me when the children, one by one, were entering Maria’s room from fear of the thunder. They asked Maria, “What should we do?” “I am scared?” came from another. She responded, “Well, what I do is think of my favorite things.” Then Maria began singing, with the children joining in on later verses. During this time, I began thinking of some of my favorite things. Chocolate, obviously, and anything I put in my mouth certainly; no, the things I thought of are those that rock my soul:

Anything in water (I had to have been a fish before).
The intense positive feeling I sense when someone helps.
Looking over the valley from the peak of the Grand Teton.
Cuddling with my wife, yah baby (my favorite, favorite).
Hiking Angel’s landing realizing the amazing beauty.
Feeling the spirits of pioneers at Martins Cove.
Watching my children do something they love.
Touching American soil after traveling abroad.
Standing at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
Having my children say, “I love you, Dad.”
Having a flyover of armed forces jets.
Hearing of someone reaching a goal.
Having someone say, “Thank you.”
Listening to music (over and over).
Warmth on a cold winter’s night.
Coming home after a long trip.
Gazing at Mount Timpanogos.
Hearing our National Anthem.
Seeing a soldier come home.
Consoling someone in need.
Hearing “I do” at a wedding.
Watching the birth of a child.
Participating in team sports.
Having faith in a living God.
Holidays spent with family.
Feeling the Spirit of Truth.
Joy on the face of a child.
Hearing, “Job well done.”
Driving anything fast
Cheering for my team.
Seeing a life changed.
Speaking to a group.
Following the spirit.
Giving of oneself.
Finishing a task.
Riding a horse.
Feeling LOVE!

The song finishes, “I simply remember my favorite things,
and then I don’t feel so bad.” These have made my day. It would be fun to see what things come to your mind; add some of your favorite things in the comments and let’s see what appears. Enjoy!


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