What If…

What if we dreamt while awake?
What if we did something to make someone smile every day?
What if we lived in a world of curiosity as those in kindergarten do?
What if we played more?
What if we lived with the wisdom of our elders?
What if we forgive others?
What if we laughed out loud every day?
What if we agreed to disagree?
What if we stayed in touch with family and loved ones?
What if we arose and dressed for success regardless of the day?
What if we thanked our creator every day?
What if we rid ourselves of anything impractical in our life?
What if we did what was right?
What if we knew it is our friends who are always there when we need them?
What if we understood life is a classroom of experience and learning?
What if we knew it is we who are responsible for our own happiness?
What if we knew yesterday is gone, the present is here, and the future is ours?
What if we have all we need?
What if we knew something’s are out of our control?
What if we felt the love of others every day?
What if we valued service to those in need?
What if we could walk in another’s shoes?

And most important:

What if we realized the best is yet to come?


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