OK, I get it now.

Do you want to put into practice those things you know will make your life better?  Success is gained from learning and growing through experience.  If we desire the deepest level of comprehension and commitment to what is learned, there are things we can do to see that we are fully engaged.

When we hear words spoken, they are on our minds for only a short time, often readily forgotten.  Think of the last time you listened to a motivational recording or listened to a radio program with words of great wisdom.  How long was it until you forgot what you heard?

Think of learning in a class, attending a seminar, or doing anything similar.  As a student, you were paying attention to the words being taught, but did it sink in?  Our ability to comprehend is enhanced by adding another sense, in this example, sight.  We now see and hear.  You may have wanted desperately to adhere to the new advice given while in attendance. Perhaps you remember what was said, but did you implement this new learning?

Our minds operate in a way where our greatest learning comes from doing.  The best example is when we teach (do), we learn.  If you are in a place where you have the benefit of hearing, seeing, and doing what is being taught, you will understand.  Your new perspective allows for implementation, which leads to change.

To genuinely learn from experience, we need to know that our just hearing words may be forgotten. Hearing and seeing could create a memory, but gaining understanding comes exclusively through doing (action) what is desired.


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