Does "Made in the USA" matter anymore?

There was a time where the phrase “made in the USA” was a badge of quality and pride. While I am not aware of any one particular event or reason why, but from my view of things that badge seems to have been set aside.

With events like the world cup, American principles are once again challenged and tested in our dedication to quality. The last world cup game for the United States showed a quality of the American spirit that is admirable and repeatable; to keep on fighting to the end regardless of how many times we may fail.

Does quality still matter? The success of Wal-Mart and e-bay would lead a person to conclude that price, not quality, is more important to the majority of consumers. Fast food is a constant in diet where the dedication to a well constructed quality meal is suffocated by other time consuming priorities.

So I wonder, has the pride of quality phrase “Made in the USA” faded because our nation has faded from a dedication to quality?


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