If you don’t know where you’re going, any path will take you there.

From the Wizard of Oz comes the phrase, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any path will take you there.” When we consider the paths that we all are taking in life, do we all know where that path is taking us?

When I see some of the people who have made the most notable achievements in this world, they seem to be those with a clear idea of what they want to accomplish and posses a strong desire to accomplish it. A business needs a plan, educational pursuits are best served in a degree program, and a life is most valued when the path we take is intentional.

I have heard it said that no one will make it to heaven on accident. I don’t believe that Walt Disney stumbled upon Disneyland, or that any major achievement of success happens without a plan or path in place to take us there.

Under this philosophy sometimes I wonder if we should be voting for people to run for office, but rather vote for programs we want to have done then pick the most efficient candidates for the selected public policy. Should we be the one’s voting for certain bills to be passed, not voting for people to do who knows what in office?

Businesses make business plans, strategic plans, marketing plans and financial plans to achieve the goals desired. Should our country be more focused on a business plan and less about who to put in office?

Perhaps this is rambling ignorance, but the reality is success comes first from vision, second from accomplishing that vision. This seems to be true both personally and in business, why not in government too?


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