I’m so sorry, what is your name?

Isn’t it fun when your day involves bumping into someone who naturally brings out your “best?”  These people leave you feeling better after seeing them; it is as if they supercharged your batteries.  You immediately gain brilliance, raise your head a little higher, and feel necessary in society.  Your new light then shines on others as you interact throughout the day.

What is their secret; how do they do that?  Ask them; they will tell you “they don’t know.”  And truly, they don’t; their ability to find value in those around them comes naturally and with no effort.  They are individuals with their minds set solely on finding what they have that may be of need to others.

There is an easy way to know who these people are well before you have any interaction with them.  They are able to treat all they meet, regardless of stature, the same way.  Whether it is a powerful political person, a high-ranking organizational leader, or the maid at the hotel, they are all the same.  No matter any individual’s role or employment, they are treated with dignity and admiration.

I have heard the term magnifiers used in business; these people are, in fact, multipliers.  They bring out the best in all of us and surround themselves with people who are better than themselves.  They leave all interactions better than when they arrived, unknowing and innocent to their ability.

Are you a multiplier?  Ask yourself a simple question: “Are there people in your life who assist you in some way that you don’t even know their names?”  These exchanges could be as simple as a single interaction with a clerk, taxi driver, or someone on an elevator.  Or as complex as the person who cleans your office, works at your regular coffee shop, or you see fairly frequently.

If you answer yes, you are a multiplier. You create goodness around yourself.  If it is no or not really, guess what?  It is okay because you can easily change.  Take these next few days and put your emotion toward others.  Before you think of yourself, think of those you are interacting with.  What you will soon find is that your needs are met as you meet the needs of those around you.

My promise is you will never again find yourself unaware of how important every person, every day, is in your life.  It is not happenstance that many meaningful people enter your life every day; your paths are crossing for a reason. Find out why.


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  1. Fraser says:

    Hey there – did not know you were doing this – and I agree with you on this post, I especially liked getting to know the people who cleaned the capital building when I lobbied there. You would be surprised (or maybe not) by how few members said hello, or thank you, or much less asked their names. Then when SB 81 came around, how few realized that the very people they were threatening with deportation were the ones that had been cleaning up after their messes for years .. and how many people at the rallies looked vaguely familiar! we need to know and love each other, and you are all about that. congratulations on your blog and book.

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