Have the time of your life!

As you go down your path in life are you sometimes hesitant on taking risk?  Do you ever look back and wish you had taken a different fork in the road?  In your reflection of your choices; would your insight have been correct in leading you somewhere different, yet fear interfered?  Do feelings of “If only I had listened to my heart” ring true in your thoughts?

Life offers so many opportunities for love, growth, adventure, excitement, and understanding.  So what is the difference between those who seem to take life by the hand, enjoying the ride, and those who watch it all happen?

Could it be we allow our minds to over rule valid impressions from a willing heart?  Reflect on those times you followed your spirit, didn’t you find safety and later realize success?  Your mind should now be telling you that your fears were unrealistic or that “It was not as bad as you had suspected.”

We won’t find joy or satisfaction in every possibility placed on our lives, but we will certainly learn and grow from each experience.  Didn’t you fall before you walked, cry before you felt joy, and fail a time or two before you succeeded?

Last week I listened to a band play Green Day’s song, “Time of your life.”  I was caught up in the emotion of thinking all the places this song is played, graduation is one example.  The lyrics address time grabbing you and giving you a test; then they suggest we shouldn’t ask why, but learn from our lessons.

If you are at a turning point in life whether large or small.  Or if you appear to be stuck in the road.  Let your new adventures open doors for valued opportunities; follow your heart!  I agree that it is unpredictable, but this is the cause for reward.  When you do what is right, you will have had “the time of your life.”

No one should ever suffer from regret if they but learn to follow their heart.


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