Want to see a miracle?

When someone acknowledges me positively, whether it’s by something simple, or of great significance; it warms my heart and is remembered.  As I got on the elevator today, a woman, whom I have never met said, “My you smell good.”  That quick observation and comment has lead to a great morning for me.

I recently completed a year of service for an organization.  In my final meeting I was congratulated for a job well done.  All the hours dedicated to serving instantly became worthwhile by expressions of gratitude.  Think for a minute of how you feel when another takes the time to express feelings of thankfulness to you personally. Aren’t these some of your most treasured times?  They weren’t hard to think of either were they?

Now think of the times you have expressed yourself to another with feelings of appreciation.  Wasn’t it fun seeing the transformation on the countenance of the individual you spoke with?  These times too are of great significance in our positive life experiences.

My friend Dr. Raymond Moody has learned that when people have a near death experience, they learn the importance of how we make others feel; rather than thinking of ourselves or our own feelings.

There is not a single person who isn’t in need of your loving touch.  Heighten your daily observations of those around you.  When your heart witnesses something special in another; share your feelings with them openly.

When we think, “Oh that won’t matter” it does!  The smallest of acknowledgements bring much more to the recipient than you will ever know.  A pat on the back, commenting on a Facebook post, smiling, or just saying your special will all improve the path of another.

We don’t need the 15 minutes of fame Andy Warhol spoke of in 1968; we just need the belief of our fellow beings to be expressed.  Your life will change positively as you change positively the life of another.  Want to see a miracle?  Give it a try 🙂


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