They won’t get hurt!

Have you ever wondered how an eaglet feels as its mother pushes it out of the nest?  Put yourself in the eaglet’s position, knowing nothing of life other than the comforts of home (the nest).  Sleeping, eating, receiving protection from danger, and being comforted during the early storms of life.

While growing the eaglet snoops around the nest; they envision the days when they can leave home taking flight and experiencing the world as the older eagle’s do.  Looking over the edge, they realize the distance they are from the ground; fear is on their mind as they look around at the vast world about them.  In these times of life they are unaware of their innate abilities, yet they know something inside them is drawing them out.

The mother on the other hand is well aware of natures built in instincts.  She watches growth during the development of her young, watching for the day she feels it is safe for their flight.  When the day arrives, she gently pushes the young life over the edge (out the door).  Then as the eaglet falls, these first moments must be filled with bewilderment and fear as it questions what on earth just happened.

While falling to the ground, spiraling out of control, instinct kicks in and the young wings are fearlessly opened, spreading to catch the currents of life.  It is at this time they realize exactly what the parents do when they jump into the sky.  Pressure from the air builds against the wings, small movements alter direction and movement up and down creates lift.

Magic enters the mind and faith is built in understanding.  The beauty of the earth and sky that had only been seen from the nest is now available in flight.  Wanting to see what lies in the clouds above the young bird reaches skyward.  Curious what this earth is below they dive toward the ground.  It is all new and fun, yet tiring too as this is the first time new experiences are tested.

Aren’t our lives just like this?  Yah, mostly I believe.  Yet as humans we find ourselves untrusting of nature.  The mother eagle may need on occasion to save an eaglet from flight but I doubt it.  We on the other hand are more apt to interfere; maybe teaching flight from only twelve inches off the ground.  We know there are no real lessons learned from this level, but it is safe.

I must confess to all; I am guilty of giving my child flight from a distance much to close to the ground.  My oldest daughter kindly suggested to me the other day, “Daddy let me take what I learned from you and spread my wings.”  It hit me like a ton of bricks!  How on earth will she learn if I don’t allow her to fly?  In mimicking the mother eagle I need to believe in my child as I push her out of the nest.

Life is so rich and exciting, just like the eaglet taking flight and experimenting with all that was dreamed of from the nest.  Not all is safe out there agreed, yet the ups and downs build character and open doors of opportunity.

Our ability improves with experience; I know that.  Baby, I understand your feelings and will let you fly.  Know your Dad will be watching with a heart full of pride, and have tears of joy running down his face!


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