Don’t you dare take that away from me!

Kim and I had the fortune of hearing Jim Morris (the baseball player whose life was portrayed in “The Rookie”) speak while attending a leadership conference for the Arizona Association of Realtors.  Jim’s story included much more than reflections on his personal journey.  He told tales of the youth he coached, specifics on the baseball profession, and discussed his family relations.

All who participated in this event were uplifted through Jim’s sincerity in verbalizing how each of us can achieve anything we set our hearts to.  After his dynamic presentation we were blessed to have some one-on-one time with Jim to ask questions, give praise, or simply shake his hand.

Kim and I anxiously awaited our turn.  Our brother-in-law is a big baseball nut.  We wanted to get Jim’s signature for Hugh.  Honestly, we didn’t even know who Jim was, but knew Hugh knows every player, from every team, from every year!

Jim was very generous with his time with Kim and me.  We had loved his presentation, but we were more impressed meeting him one-on-one finding a unique genuineness in his love of others.  I asked Jim a simple question, “Are the players who play in the major league our best, are they truly gifted athletes?”  His answer wasn’t what I expected, but what I believed about the nature of all mankind.

No, there are certainly some, each of which we all admire, but the majority of players who reach the top are slightly better than average talent with big hearts!  Those who have the “gift” (raw talent) often don’t have the fortitude to express their abilities as those who have worked harder to get where they are.

Isn’t life just like this?  Don’t we all know people who can take an average amount of talent and become spectacular through desire?  In the parable of talents one was given five, another two, and to one a single talent was given.  This was a test, it didn’t matter how many talents were held; just what was done with them.

The first took the five and generated five more, the second took two and also double these talents, but the last took and hid the talent which was given in fear it would be lost.  The two who multiplied their talents were complemented; acknowledged for being faithful and given more.  The individual who feared using the endowment, lost this generous gift, and was chastised for not utilizing their God given ability.

It’s perfectly clear to me that our sports world is just a snap shot of our life experiences.  Yes, Jim was right!  There are players playing in positions which could be held by someone of greater talent, yet they aren’t.  Why?  There are many who for some reason haven’t learned one of life’s simple principles.

Those who magnify their talents will be given more.  And those who don’t; theirs will be taken away.  Our world has been filled with great minds, all of which we recognize and congratulate.  But just like in professional sports, how many sat on the sidelines with greater ability while others believed and persevered?

What art are we missing, what discoveries are unknown, what records are left unbroken, what music is yet to be heard?  All of us are born to greatness and need only eliminate our fear, find our passion, and build on our infinite capabilities.  Don’t hide your unique God given talents!  It isn’t as hard as you fear; you will be richly blessed.


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