Will you recover what has been lost in this great recession?

If what was lost was your employment, do you feel you will be employed again?  If circumstances have caused you to lose your car, a boat, or even your home; do you feel these can be repurchased when the tough economic times pass?  If you simply delayed your education, a vacation, or spending a little extra money on yourself, will you pursue these when the tide turns?

I believe for most of us the answers would be yes.  However, these aren’t the only things we may have lost, or postponed as a matter of lifestyle.  In most circumstances we will be able to replace whatever was lost or delayed.  These times certainly have given us an appreciation of things in life which come and go, believing they can be replaced.  But are you aware there are three things in life that when lost, can never be covered? And, they are lost in good times as well as bad?

These three things are time, opportunity, and words.  Time is equally available to all no matter our situation; we all have 24 hours in a day.  What is done with our individual allotment is up to us.  If we want to achieve all we are to accomplish in life, we must be aware that when an hour, a day, or a week is gone; they are lost forever.

Opportunity exists when we are given circumstances which allow for our progress.  Think of times in your life when you were asked to participate in something.  Did you hesitate?  And then the opportunity is taken by someone else.  Your thoughts may have been, “Can I do it,” or “This seems a little scary to me,” but later we receive validation that we should have participated, we realize others enjoyed satisfaction from accepting these challenges.

Words, oh those seemingly simple little things which roll off our tongues.  If our tendency is to uplift and congratulate, giving compliments everywhere we go, great!  These words are never lost.  What about those other times when we react immediately?  Times when our words are coming from heightened emotion or frustration?  These are times we wish we could retrieve words, yet they are lost.  Rarely do we believe in our hearts, what is spoken while tension is high after a little time passes.

Don’t let time pass you by, use every occasion available to better yourself.  Take every opportunity offered, it may only come once.  Refrain from speaking words while emotion is running high.

We will regain what has been materially lost, often increasing well beyond what we once enjoyed.  Don’t lose what can never be recovered.  Our time is precious, our opportunities rare, and our words important!


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