Yes, she is an angel!

When was the last time life took your breathe away?  Those times when you were stopped dead in your tracks!  As I think of my life experiences, I am reminded how each of these incidents filled my senses.

There was the time I was lying under the sky at night, on the shores of Lake Powell.  It seemed as if the heavens were brilliantly lit with every star to ever grace our planet.  I thought to myself how grand our existence must be.  Another time was when I was hiking in the Wasatch Mountains during April.  Nature was greeting the arrival of a new spring, awakening from a long winters nap, and I remember thinking how everything has a place and order.

Then suddenly my mind races to the time I witnessed my daughter’s face, it was when she beamed with joy after winning her first championship.  I knew then that some of my greatest joys will be seeing the fulfillment of another.  Lastly, I think of the times we stopped as a family to watch Grizzlies play in the wild near the grandeur of Mt McKinley, or the time we swam in waters as clear as mountain air while Tiger Sharks rubbed against us.  Each time thinking how each of God’s creatures has significance on our planet.

Yes, these were all magnificent experiences for me, and I am sure yours are too, yet not one of these memories represent the time my life’s path was altered forever.  This unusual experience was on an occasion I will never forget.  It was a place where time stood still, and I was held breathless!  I had walked into an office preparing to work, when suddenly my eyes fell on the most beautiful lady I had ever seen.

There I was, a young man completely unprepared for what came next.  My heart stopped and I was thinking “Am I frozen in time,” or “Have I just gone to heaven prematurely?”  It was Kim who stood before me, a stunning beauty, and it was as if I had found an angel caught here on earth!  Her eyes were the windows to her soul; I could see her heart, her love, and her selflessness.

How could this be, why have I been blessed to cross her path at this time?  Am I worthy or capable of enhancing the life of such a magnificent soul?  Fortunately for me, my heart drove the fear from my soul as I began sensing what a future together with her could be.  I wanted to give her my spirit, my love, and my devotion.  I desired that we share moments of laughter, times of joy, periods of understanding, and a life of enlightenment together.  I also knew her heart would bring clarification in time of despair, pain, or sorrow.

Life granted me the desires of my heart that day; Kim is my wife, my life, and my better half.  My life is brilliant! I have a partner who has been the wind beneath my wings, my inspiration, my support, and the one who has never failed in believing in me.  She has stood by my side through all life has presented us; both good and bad.  As I hang onto her celestial bound progression, I never cease to marvel at her magnificence; she is an angel trapped in mortality.

Know that no matter what my experiences are, whether witnessing light in the heavens, life on earth, or watching the development of another; nothing compares to the day I met Kim!

As we celebrate yet another year together, know it is Kim who has filled my senses, caught me breathless, and given to me selflessly.  God, please bless me to always be with her.  Let me give her but a portion of what she has given me.



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