What would you say?

As we go about our daily lives we learn of the value of relationships, we grow from our experiences, and we find a little about what brings us inner joy.  All this knowledge is stored in our memories and accessed on occasion for our own edification.  The most valuable use of our life’s lessons however, is to share them with one another.

Unfortunately, we don’t always find the time or place to contribute to another’s plight, yet when we do our foundation of understanding is strengthened.  What would you tell a loved one if you knew it was the last thing you may share?  I was blessed to witness a loving father share final words with his wife and children.  While I won’t give any personal detail, I will give some general observations.

First and foremost: “I love you.”  This simple statement may be the most profound words ever to be uttered.  To love someone is to accept them for who they are.  In loving another you commit to do anything you can to provide for them.  In loving another you take on the risk of hurt, seeing them struggle in trials.  Admitting love to another suggests a willingness to give something greater than oneself.

Next, “I am proud of you.”  When these words are spoken it is a personal validation of ones progress.  Those who we are closest to understand both our strengths and weaknesses.  They see our abilities and the inner drive we maintain to accomplish personal desires.  To learn of another’s pride in what we are doing is a confirmation we are doing all we can do.  It motivates us to better ourselves and muscle through difficult times.

Lastly, “Never give up.”  Endurance proves positive in nearly everything we do.  Often the difference between those of us who are average and those of high achievement is nothing more than a willingness to persevere.  When we see ourselves tiring on task, simple reminders are often all that is needed.  Lifting one last shovel full is made easier with your mind thinking, “I will never give up.”

If you have had ideas on what you may say, let me suggest something meaningful.  Share these words everyday, in every way you can, with all whom you care for.  There is no need to wait, they are important, they are necessary, and sharing will bring you joy.



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