I couldn’t do it without you!

Perhaps life is sometimes going so fast we lose track of what is meaningful or important.  I have been spending time with my brother-in-law, Hugh Dearden, as he deals with a life ending disease.  And while the pain of my emotion is often unbearable, the experience has brought me joy in understanding.

Hugh may have, as many of us do, not really understand the mark he has left on life, the friends he has, or the significance he has played in our lives.  He certainly wasn’t clear on how willing many would be in coming to his aid.  It is humbling to watch him receive time and attention of loved ones.

His heart is full as he participates in the gift of friendship.  The generosity has extended to his family and is a witness to his children of the kindness that makes life worth living.  One of Hugh’s frequent comments is, “We are making Memories.”  Yes we are!  And these memories will be burnt into the souls of those of us who are witnesses.

My heart is full, I never want to pass on an opportunity to thank all whom I call friend.  Your involvement in my life is and will be more meaningful than you will ever know.  I don’t think any of us can do life alone.  It is important both to our personal growth and the development of our families.

Here is my shout out to all who have been, are, and yet will be apart of who I am.  Your example, your love, and your support are greatly appreciated.  I solicit my Creator to allow me to give back to you at least a fraction of what you have given me!  My life is blessed; you are all so very important, my hope is to be as generous to you as you are to me.

Friends, family, and supporting each other are what it is all about.  Life’s greatest joys come from serving one another, a lesson I am learning.



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4 Responses to I couldn’t do it without you!

  1. Michael Labout says:

    Love you man! You are the best! Thoughts and prayers are with Hugh and all your family.

  2. Tom Farley says:

    You are an awesome leader and friend! Thoughts and prayers are with you and Hugh.

  3. Joy Haver says:

    Thank you Jaren for the privilege of being your friendship. Thank you for your positive and uplifting example. Building memories and relationships and serving are what it’s about. My prayers also are with you, your family and Hugh.

  4. Scott Davis says:

    Thank you Jaren for all you are. Our Prayers are with you and Diane at this time…

    Scott & Karen

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