Quit bugging me!!!

Mosquito, mosquito you pesky little thing!  My girls just came home from camp, their only complaint was being bitten by those crazy mosquitos, ugh.  Why on God’s green earth is there a need for a tiny bug that does nothing but stick you, suck your blood, and leave you with an itchy bump?

Our conversation got me thinking about nature and how there are some bugs we enjoy and others we don’t.  I thought how in life we can mimic these traits seen in bugs.  Some are found positive while others may be negative to those we come in contact with.

What good does a mosquito do anyway?  They fly around looking for a victim bugging us to death.  Then if we are unlucky, they land somewhere unknown leaving behind a reminder of how horrible their visit was every time we itch ourselves.  I searched the Web to see if there is a need in our ecosystem for mosquitos and there isn’t (at least that I could find).  Let’s start a campaign to eradicate them!

So I then thought about butterflies.  We want them flying around us; butterflies are beautiful!  They don’t bite, and in fact they give more than they take.  We love seeing their beauty, but think of a world without flowers?  When a butterfly lands to eat nectar it carries pollen to pollenate other flowers, sometimes great distances.  Do we need butterflies in our ecosystem?  Yes, so let’s get more!

We all know the conversations we have about both the mosquito and the butterfly.  Which do you want to be?  Do you want to be found bugging people, hanging around doing nothing but taking, and then leaving behind something undesired.  Or would you rather be something beautiful to be around, bringing life to that which you touch, and leaving behind nothing but positive memories.

I believe we would all rather be the butterfly.  It really isn’t all that hard to do either.  Know when you are being a pest and back off a little to give another needed space.  Listen carefully to words spoken and watch closely nonverbal clues.  Find ways to give, knowing by nature it will generate abundance for you.  Leave your family and friends something positive so they desire to have you return.

Simply watching nature can teach us valuable life lessons.  I think I will go out in the garden and look for a butterfly.


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