Final words!

As we move down life’s path we are fortunate to experience special moments that when lived teach us what is important in life.  One of these incidents for me was witnessing my brother-in-law spend his last minutes surrounded by family.  I wrote a piece where I expressed the beauty of his heart felt final words which will live forever in the hearts of those who heard them.

Today as I reflected on that time, I felt something inside me alter my perspective ever so slightly.  I had concentrated my first writing solely on the words uttered from a dying father to his children.  I guess my attention was directed in this regard because I remain in life surrounded by his family and we talk frequently about our feelings that day.

What I realized is that communication is always going both ways.  You see each of us too expressed last words with my brother-in-law knowing our time to speak with him was short.  In sensing this new emotion I began to reflect on my last conversation with my father.  While I feel I did an adequate job (he knocked it out of the park); I feel in my heart there is yet more to express as I live and see all he did for me.

I often find myself thinking about my Dad, often feeling alone without his guidance, example, and leadership.  Dad was a gentle giant who many learned of his passion, but who really knows a father as well as his son?  I can tell you our world is in need of men with the heart of my father.  Dad you were a perfect role model!

As a father I gain greater perspective everyday on the sacrifice it is to be a parent.  Each day as my knowledge increases so does my respect for the forfeiture of self parents make choosing to have children.  Dad I will never be able to repay you for the sacrifice’s you made for me!

Dad earned respect and developed people in his own way.  He never had to raise his voice or express dissatisfaction physically because you knew what he expected and how disappointed he was when you weren’t reaching your potential.  Dad thank you for showing me anything is possible!

In my Dad’s final days you could see he was tired and content on moving onto the next stage of life.  This was hard for me selfishly because I didn’t want him to leave.  He expressed his faith comforting me, allowing my heart to feel why his soul was at peace.  Dad your faith lives on in my heart!

As I develop in my role as a father I see my Dad in me more and more, his blood runs deep through my veins.  I have realized I am your living legacy and am responsible to pass along critical life lessons to those who have chosen to follow me.  Dad it may be a poor attempt, but I am trying to fill your shoes!

Dad thank you for your stories, for your kindness, for your discipline when needed, and your constant praise reminding me; I can!  Thank you for allowing me to become a man, for showing me how to be a husband, and a father!  You gave me wings when I could fly and breathed the air that lifted me to unseen heights.  And while expressions of love are common in our family, I don’t think I said “I love you” enough!

As I get older I see why you lived the life you did.  There is nothing like being a Dad!  Thank you!  I miss you!  I love you, I love you, I love you!


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