Why do you share content?

What is it that is found inside each one of us that motivates us to share content?  The answer will be different depending on your distinct personality style.  When we participate in social media, or are making other connections, there are some interesting facts which are fun to learn.

I read where the New York Times recently conducted a survey and found six sharing personas defining our online motivations.

1- Altruists- an altruist will share content purely based on personal desire.  They want to be helpful to their network and be seen as a reliable place we find information.

2- Boomerangs- a boomerang provides content seeking validation.  They flourish on our reaction to their content.  A negative response is okay as it shows interest too.

3- Careerists- a careerist typically is educated.  They want to build a reputation for adding value to their network.  You will find their content to be more serious while carrying a more professional tone.

4- Connectors- a connector uses content sharing as a way to stay in touch with their network and is a place they make plans.  They are less structured in how they share content.

5- Hipsters- a hipster is younger having lived “knowing nothing but technology.”  They are cutting edge providers using creativity in new ways to share content.  They use information to build their online identity.

6- Selectives- a selective is preoccupied by what they will share and who they are willing to share content with.  They are typically expressing personal content and expect a response to their posting.

Do you see yourself in any of these categories?  You should, and are probably amazed at how well it defines you.  There may be some parts of other groups you find similar to who you feel you are, but you will find there is a group you fit best in as you think about each description.

Additionally, I read from someone who had commented on these findings who suggested there may be a seventh category as well.  It would be defined as “Trendsetter.”  A trendsetter is a person who is seeking to lead out, staying connected sharing current news and trends.  They will provide information quickly in an effort to be seen as an expert.

As I post this writing to my blog, I began to think, “I hope these words are helpful to those who read it.”  🙂


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