We’ve only just begun, again!

On the day of our wedding, Kim, who has the voice of an angel sang, “We’ve only just begun.”  At the time, as with most young men I would think, I didn’t really pay much attention to the lyrics.  I will admit my thoughts were more along the line of, “Seriously, she said yes and is now my wife?  This is the best day of my life for sure!”

It should be obvious this Carpenter song is something I find myself listening to now and then.  As I listen today, the lyrics are something I cherish.

They go something like this:

We’ve only just begun…

White lace and promises

A kiss for luck and we’re on our way

We’ve only begun

Were we clear on the significance of this new life together at the time of our I do’s?  I don’t believe so.  True the bride wears white lace and each partner makes promises, there was a kiss, and then we were off to new beginnings, but only with young innocent belief in each other.

Then more:

So many roads to choose

We start out walking

And learn to run

One would think two people starting out on a new adventure might have specific road maps outlining what may lay ahead.  Not really?  But, there were as suggested, “Many roads to choose from.”  These times were full of excitement as the options are not only many but varied too.  Some proved to be a little rigorous where one could argue that it wasn’t a road that we should have taken, but one we learned and grew from having taken the journey.

More frequently the roads taken lead to places never dreamed of on our day of promises.  Often these new roads took us to places that opened even more “new horizons.”

As stated in the next few lines:

Sharin’ horizons that are new to us

Watchin’ the signs along the way

Talkin’ it over just the two of us

Workin’ together day to day….

The signs aren’t always clear, and the decisions aren’t always right, but more often our choices were right than they were wrong, and our new relationship continued to grow.  Challenges brought growth and understanding.  Opportunity brought development building on a foundation of strength.


And when the evening comes we smile

So much life ahead

We’ll find a place where there’s room to grow

And yes! We’ve just begun

What I find fascinating is that this song relates to new beginnings and a life ahead.  I have learned throughout our lives, it never changes.  We will always have new beginnings!  Every day Kim and I share these new horizons together, making decisions much like those years not long ago, not really understanding what lies ahead, but excited for what each road will bring.

So while our excitement continues, our love grows, and we remain naive to the roads ahead.  I can’t imagine doing this with anyone other than my partner, Kim!  With each opportunity we share, I remember how much fun we’ve had, and that the good roads out number the bad.  It will never change, there is no road map,  we’re just watchin’ the signs and talkin’ it over together.  Baby, it’s been a great ride, lets continue finding new horizons!

We’ve only just begun….


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