Life has a way of teaching us lessons, which if learned, become invaluable tools for our betterment.  Sometimes we are unintentionally ignorant, but often just long to let things settle in!

I enjoyed listening to a speech given by Robert D Hales where he spoke of growth and development, and how we are strengthened by our experiences.  He spoke of trials in life and how we may not understand the why’s during what we feel is our nightmare, but that we will come to understand later when our burdens are lifted.

Examples Robert used were: “When a spouse dies, a companion will wonder.  When financial hardship befalls, one will ask.  When children wander from the path, a mother and father will cry out in sorrow.”  At this time in the address Roberts voice cracked and his eyes began filling with tears.  It was at this time my heart filled with one of those “life lesson moments” as I thought of trials someone I know is currently experiencing.

My lesson learned- Exercise endurance and long-suffering during afflictions, knowing with confidence, “This too will pass.”  This person I know is the epitome of patience as evidenced during her life’s trials.  She is a woman who has given her all in support of family and loved ones, never wavering, regardless of circumstances.

Her husband has been suffering with ill health and has spent several days of the last few weeks in and out of the hospital.  Kim and I went to visit them finding her worn out from long days of service!  She has willingly catered to her husbands needs their entire marriage, and in a way, made her husband lovingly reliant on her help.

These recent days of care are intense as this man has been nearly incapacitated.  Yet there she is loving, caring, and providing as always.  It reminded me of how she has had similar experiences to what Hales spoke of: she has witnessed the affects of addiction, cried out in sorrow over the loss of a child, prayed for daughters to find a way home, and worried about the needs of loved ones.  Through all these trials, she has remained constant and steadfast, knowing that somehow, sometime, answers will come.

So while there are many of us who are dealing with trials and seeking understanding.  Reflect on the life of someone who has given you an example as I have.  Then realize with certainty; this too will pass.  None of us may want to go through our trails again, but we will discover wouldn’t be who we are without them.

Be patient, have understanding, and express love in all you do.  Gratitude, compassion, and tolerance get us through, and then our example will be of help to someone in need.

To this woman in my life, thank you for being there, for your mercy, for your forgiveness, and most of all for giving us your example to live by.


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