“Daughter of a King”

Ok, I’m in big trouble with my wife because I videoed Kim, without her permission, on my iPad as she sang to the young women in their Women in Excellence night, “Daughter of a King.”

Kim has a cold, has never had a voice lesson, never sang with a mic, and was in a cultural hall, yet to me, she sang as an angel!  I have written about her singing “We’ve only just begun” in our wedding lunch (It is on this blog).

I am fortunate to have lived with a woman who has the voice of an angel for years.  Now it’s my turn to share her talent with you (she isn’t happy with me hahaha).  A very dear friend, William Jones, has offered his professional sound studio to record Kim for me.  I can’t wait to share the recording!


More to come,


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3 Responses to “Daughter of a King”

  1. Will Cooper says:

    Good job Kim! It was beautiful!

  2. nikki ward says:

    Such a beautiful voice, and such a beautiful person! Thanks for sharing Jaren!

  3. I love you KIM!!!! We are a all daughters of a king 🙂

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