Need an uplifting “comment” to improve your day?

For anyone who operates a blog I have a little secret for you!  Go to the comment section of your dashboard and open your “comment spam.”  If you haven’t cleared it in a while you will find endless lists of praise.

Yes, I know, it is only bots, but look how well they know you (most of the time).  Read through them and you will begin to feel great.  They mention things such as how intelligent you must be, how fascinating your writing is, how well laid out your thought process is, and even how great you are!  Kinda cool to have all this positive expression of gratitude.

The bots don’t always get it right; sometimes you may wonder if they even read your post, but who cares?  They are filling you with flattering adjectives anyway 🙂  They made my day, don’t think I will delete them for now, just in case I need another kind word tomorrow.

I think I will spam them back with a little thank you, hahaha.


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