I am old, but I’m happy…

As a child, I remember being home one hot summer day when my grandfather pulled up in a new Jaguar convertible.  His car was a beauty, black and sleek with all the appropriate curves.  It turned the heads of everyone we drove by as we rode down the street together.

While this is a vivid memory for me, what was discussed while together could be life changing.  Grandpa suggested, “Life sometimes is a little backwards, when we are young and able to enjoy some of the niceties of life; we think they aren’t available to us.  Then when we have what was thought to be needed, we realize they aren’t what would have made us happy.”

I want to share with you what these words mean to me today after living and experiencing life since that day.  Grandpa’s wisdom wasn’t fully understood in my youth, yet sits deeper in my soul today.

For those of us who are older, don’t you want to transfer the experiences of your life into the souls of our youth so they can enjoy living more fully?  Here’s a simple example.  How would you convince our youth “things” aren’t necessary for happiness?  One of my most valuable life lessons has been gaining an understanding that happiness comes through relationships and serving those we love; not possessions.

Often much is sacrificed (family, recreation, and health) to gain possessions, to then find the need to use these material gains to recover from the losses.  I learned the more I had, the less I needed.  And that you have everything you will ever need if you are simply loved by those you serve.

If only the hearts of youth could be open to the wisdom of their elders; even for just a minute?  In our early years we were completely dependent on our providers and relied on their wisdom.  As we begin to experiment with life, we soon find ourselves much wiser than those “old traditional adults.” We think all they want to do is tell us what to do so we close our hearts to them.  We know more than them anyway!?

Fortunately, as we grow those wise words ignored remain on our minds and eventually begin to ring true.  We see what was meant and how much more we could have enjoyed if we had listened.  Know it is never too late no matter our stage in life; we can and will learn.

Seek out, listen to and follow the advice of those who have learned through experience.  They have been where you are now; they know it isn’t easy.  Relax and take your time there is so much to learn.  Think a lot, you already have more than you understand.  Don’t sacrifice today for tomorrow; those tomorrows may never come.

Be calm, youth is your blessing.  The aspirations alive in your soul will come true.  Dream big, follow your heart and serve others.  Yes, it is hard to explain and even harder to understand; I am old, but I’m happy!


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