The Miracle of Christmas…

As we come upon yet another holiday season it is my wish that you are blessed with all the desires of your heart.  It is a time we spend with loved ones, creating memories and sharing through giving of ourselves.  Nothing warms the soul more than seeing the joy on the faces of those we give our love to.

I can’t imagine a world without the sacred celebration of the birth of our Savior.  He lived a humble life filled with miracles and divine acts; acknowledging the Father in all He did.  While turning water to wine, making the deaf hear again, the blind to see, and the dead to rise.  The greatest miracle may have been the restoration of life.  His creations constitute a wonder-filled world we live in, giving us hope for a brighter day.

It is hope that allows us to recognize all the good that lies ahead.  Just the other day I was blessed to hear a talk from a young lady named Aspen Landgren.  In her speech she told a story of a young lady who had cancer, and how this young girl saw her world.  I will recount the story as I remember it.

There was a young lady who had been diagnosed with a terminal disease which required that she receive chemo therapy.  What amazed her doctors was her unbreakable spirit and optimism.  While the odds were against her, they knew her positive attitude would make up for any deficiencies in science.

As time went along she began loosing her hair as anticipated.  What wasn’t predicted was her ability to maintain her strength in hope.  One morning she awoke with only three hairs remaining on her head.  She told her mother, “Well I guess I will wear a braid today.”  The next morning she found only two hairs and she said, “Today I will part my hair.

The next morning with only one hair on her head she said, “I guess I will wear a pony tail.”  Finally, when she had lost all the hair off her head she said with a smile on her face, “Finally, a day I don’t have to fix my hair!”

It is my desire that we realize the miracles surrounding us.  While celebrating this year, maintain the spirit of hope that enables all of us to improve every day.  I am in debt to all who have blessed my life with their gifts of self.  Christmas is a time of giving.  The greatest gift you can give is your love.


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