Please don’t judge me…

An older gentleman was standing alone outside a local bakery shop imageswhile enjoying solitude, taking the last puff on his cigarette when a woman, about his age, came right up and stood next to him.  Sir, how long have you been a smoker?  Can’t really say, I started during the war, I would have to guess nearly seventy years.  Why do you ask?

Without answering she then asked, How many cigarettes do you smoke per day?  Well, probably three packs on average.  And how much do each of these packs cost?  About $5 he said with a frustrated in quizzical look on his face.  That’s $15 per day.  Just think, if you had’t smoked, you could be driving a brand new top of the line Ferrari, entirely paid for if you didn’t smoke!

Dumbfounded, this gentleman wanting nothing more than a little peace politely asked, Do you smoke?  Certainly not she exclaimed with great pride.  Well then, where is your fancy new car?  Angered she replied, I don’t have one and stomped off in great frustration.

Why do we find the need to judge another?  Have you ever been perplexed by the misconceived notion others see in our actions or feelings?  A dear friend of mine, Raymond Moody suggests those he has interviewed, who have had near death experiences report that on the other side; we can sense the heart of those we have contact with.

If this is true, and that is a little bit of heaven.  Why don’t we begin living our heaven on earth through seeing the good in others?  The woman in this story well could have learned life lessons from the obvious storied history of this man.  Just from what we learned in three paragraphs teaches us he would have been filled with legends about serving his country.  I, with you, will do my best to not place judgment, but see the good in others and seek their wisdom if offered.


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