All things are possible with HOPE…


Life has its oppositions, and its conflicts, yet it too has its answers, and its assurances.  We have lived through difficult times, and by appearance, perhaps there is yet more ahead.  What do we need to do in order to help each other grow from our experiences?

With each calamity, whether it be personal, or more global in nature; independently contributes to factors playing part in bringing unusually high emotion into our everyday.  These emotions are playing a role in our marriages, our families, and within our friendships.  Abraham Lincoln said in the darks days of his time, “Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection.  The mystic chords of memory will yet swell…when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature.

While it is hard to fathom during difficult times, a life without challenges, limitations, or problems would be less rewarding, and less ennobling.  With disappointment and sorrow, we learn more deeply how to feel of the tremendous joys life is really all about.  Over time, and with the proper perspective, we quickly recognize that such problems in life come to us for a purpose.  We gain an appreciation for strength beyond ourselves, I believe given by heaven’s hand.

In life, if we have never sought mercy, how could we grant this same wish to another?  Likewise, if we have never felt heartache, loneliness, weakness, or if we have never been abandoned; how could we give ourselves fully to those in need?  It is through our trials we learn how to overcome, that there is hope, and that they are always followed by joyous occasions never forgotten.  The cost of our despair (beyond allowing for our fulfillment in true happiness) is the peace found when lifting another from discouragement.  This peace is the ultimate quest of the human soul.

Simply understanding that we each have highs and lows, and that they always go; opens the door for us to assist those we love in need.  If we know someone who is walking through the dark valley of difficulty, remember, sunshine brings encouragement; be the light in someones day.  A good night sleep works wonders; give someone their much needed rest.  These are courageous people, who through carrying these heavy burdens; simply need us to lift some of the weight with them.

Sometimes—the millstone thought to be carried requires more than we can give.  Turn these friends to the unfailing comfort found in the love provided from above.  Give them the confidence that nothing can or will destroy the human spirit; nothing!  Though I have felt the deepest sorrow of despair; I too have lived with complete and utter joy.  Neither of these two emotions would I change, if it meant I couldn’t carry the hope for a brighter day!


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