What on earth am I here for?


If you knew the life you are living today is a message to the world, wouldn’t you make sure it is inspiring?  Do we ever fully understand how much we influence others?  Unfortunately, we are often lost on the value of a moment until later when it has become a memory.  This has never made more sense to me than right now.  I just re-watched a video where my wife and children talked about how I have influenced their lives.  I perhaps like many of you; had no idea…

There is no question every persons life is valuable and we each have something unique to share.  If we are here for a purpose, which are all are; I believe that purpose doesn’t orient itself inward, but outward providing for those who are crossing our path.  If we fully understood the value of this simple life principle; we may more actively adjust little things we are doing everyday.  Here are a few thoughts that may allow us to become a little better person, live life a little more fully, and in turn fulfill at least one purpose of why we are here:

  • Sometimes the smallest step we take in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of our life.
  • What we fear the most is that which is most important for us to do.
  • When you are following your heart, falling down doesn’t matter, you are human; not perfect.
  • It isn’t the person who walks into a storm that is important, but the person who walks out.
  • We aren’t better off worrying, but knowing it was meant to be and having the faith things will work out.
  • Progression looks like this: thoughts, words, behavior, habit, value, destiny.  Chose your thoughts carefully.
  • We will never know the intent of another until we have had a chance to walk in their shoes.
  • Our deepest joy will come as we forgive another.
  • While many seek the easy path in life, find yourself pursuing what others see as difficult finding they were wrong.
  • Life doesn’t need to be perfect to be beautiful.
  • Don’t fix others; improve yourself.
  • When you fall, get up realizing mistakes are the only way to learn and become better.
  • Being hurt is nothing more than a reminder that you are alive.
  • There will be sadness in the journey; this is what makes joy feel so good.
  • If you aren’t putting one foot in front of the other, even when life seems difficult; you will never see what was waiting for you just-around-the-corner.

Our greatest memories come from each moment we are living today…


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