Life is an echo…

Have you noticed life tosses back to you that which you throw out?  imagesMuch like an echo you hear in a canyon, or an image seen in a mirror.  If this is the case, and there is tremendous positive evidence this is a life principle; then why don’t we project more good?

Nature as a simple teacher shows us what we plant we harvest.  If we want good healthy nourishing plants in our lives, we must use those seeds that allow for that desired outcome.  If by choice, or even mistake we plant the wrong seed; we reap what was produced.  This seemingly straightforward truth begs our understanding.

Next time you desire good: a simple acknowledgment, a kind gesture, a leg up, forgiveness, recognition, assistance through difficulty, food for a hungry stomach, love unfeigned, or nothing more than a friendly smile; give one out!  Know what you give, you get.  What you see in another is what exists in you.

Life is throwing back to you what is thrown out, an echo of your action, a reflection of you.  What you give will always get back to you; give the goodness of your heart…


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