For it is the dreamers who give us life

No, I wouldn’t want to live in a world where extraordinary doesn’t exist. I wouldn’t want to be criticized for exceptional thought or grand ideals either. If we were ever to let our visions evaporate, we would fade into the obscurity of an average world. For it is the dreamers who give us life, it is they who reach beyond the known into the eternities. They are continually improving on our existence. Day by day, thought by thought we are forever growing through their efforts. It is dreamers who create an ever improving human existence.

imagesThe dreamer is the architect of our future. Whether they are a teacher, scientist, artist, leader, mother, father, or child; they each contain a vision of things to come. It is they who realize our limitations are nothing more than a belief that they are there. Those who are open to their dreams, and allow them to swell within their heart, will break through barriers seeing them all come true.

What drove the belief of freedom, new modes of transportation, modern technology, or our ever improving medical treatments? A dream, a thought, a vision, a burning of the soul placed in action. Nothing occurs by chance. Whether you have a gift, a power, or simply do nothing more than realize your greatness; you are the agent of change. Your ideals will be realized, our world will be changed. Dreams are the seedlings of a new future. Plant them in rich soil nourishing them with the belief you are able to achieve anything your heart is set on.

Relish the music that stirs your heart! Accept the vision that illuminates your mind! Live out the beauty of creation lying in your soul! You were born for a purpose; live for it! Believe in it! Act on it! Elevate the visions of your mind; explore the wonders of your heart. Live for what you were created for…


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