Life couldn’t be better!

Today I find myself marveling at how blessed I am. This feeing comes after answering a friend’s question who asked me if I am being treated well. My answer was “life couldn’t be better!” I have had reason to be reminded how wonderful parenthood is, what it means to have a loving wife, why physical health shouldn’t be taken for granted, and how my experiences have brought into my life all types of invaluable relationships. It is good having friends check up on us!

My hope is that these feelings will always be easily accessible somewhere in my heart and found when needed through the love of a friend. For I too know feelings of depression. I have felt the pains of loss, the disappointment of losing hope, and the disillusionment of regret. In each of these circumstances it seemed like there was little if any reason to live. I have touched darker hours than I would ever believe could be survived.

imagesWith a simple question I am reminded that in these times it is my family and friends who rescue me from what seems to be certain destruction. Wondering how I will ever repay these individuals, I remind myself of the abundance of our world and that their generosity will be repaid tenfold regardless of my ability. However, I feel there is an obligation I owe which is much deeper; in fact, it is a duty. You see if someone reached out to me with a loving hand—lifting me to higher spirits— brightening my day with hope; I must do the same with those who cross my path when I can. When deep feelings of despair are running through our veins, an expression of love, a touch, a word of hope, or a simple acknowledgment of value from a friend ignites a light within us extinguishing the darkness of despair.

With joy filling my heart, I realize the beauty of life and that without the extremes of emotion we have nothing. If I didn’t know despair; how would I ever be lifted to unbelievable heights of joy? I don’t feel it is simply coincidence that while some are down on their luck, others seem to be doing well. Perhaps being present for others with an eye of understanding observing with our hearts is all that is needed. There isn’t a greater need, nor is there a more satisfying time then when you give someone hope.

Do we ever truly know when another is in need? Not really, often those who are a little down cover their emotions well. The key is that our obligation to give of ourselves isn’t limited to giving to someone in need. Life’s simple joys are acknowledging others goodness. There is nothing wrong with strengthening someone who is having a great day. We validate their feelings allowing them to continue on their positive journey. Remember how good words of encouragement feel regardless of your state of mind…

I will be forever grateful to those who remind me hope never truly dies. May I be blessed to be aware of other’s needs? Life couldn’t be better!


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