They are having our Grandchildren!

The cycle of life is very magical to me. As I age, I find myself observing events as though time has stood still. My wife and I are off to the great white north (Upper Peninsula of Michigan) as our daughter prepares to deliver our first grandchild. She is due just two days prior to our son who is due with our second grandchild. We are anticipating the full effect of “Murphy’s law” which is designed to insure that our attempt to be in attendance at both births will prove a vacancy at each. Got my fingers crossed super hard to defy the odds!

For the entire time our children have been preparing for these new additions to our family, I have felt as though it was yesterday we brought our children into the world! It truly is unreal to me to thinkdownload our babies are now having their own. In my heart I haven’t aged a minute. My mind’s eye sees me as a peer, not the old man to be called grandpa.

The magic I feel is witnessing the transformation of these four young adults as they undertake building their family. Call it nature or whatever you want, from the announcement of conception through today; they have prepared instinctively for these births. Conversations have moved from individuals or couples to the child. I have heard this change being described as nesting, it doesn’t matter. What I see is my children taking on the role of parent. They look at life a little more seriously as they build an environment where their child can thrive just as we did. Life is wonderful, but why am I stuck in a time warp?


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