Wedding bells? Seriously, I’m not old enough…

As if having two grandchildren weren’t enough for our family during this holiday season; our second oldest daughter got engaged! What? She is my baby! While “is she really old enough for marriage” rings through my heart; I can see myself at this very same age asking for my wife’s hand in marriage. My heart races with excitement knowing how wonderful this time of life is, yet it truly seems like yesterday for me.

Giving a daughters hand in marriage is extraordinarily difficult while at the same time tremendously gratifying. There is nothing that warms a father’s heart more than witnessing joy exuding from deep within her soul. Her eyes twinkled with the light of an angel. She knows she has found Mr. Right. The–tall handsome–gentleman from her childhood dreams; riding in on his horse to sweep her off her feet. Ofimages course, and from the father of the bride to be; he too is getting a magnificent prize that has been sought after for an entire lifetime.

My hope is that he–like me–sees his father-in-law’s love and that my most prized possession is now in his hands. While my father-in-law is gone, I often think of him and how he would want his daughter treated. There are few things that take a higher priority then the happiness of the women in my life.

Marriage won’t always be bliss, it isn’t meant to be. As deep as love gets, we sometimes have conflict. Married life is real and sometimes the emotion we feel can bury our love for a moment. These times are rare and short lived as we learn to sacrifice for our partner. Besides, making up is a blast! Our highs are higher each time we learn and grow together.

There aren’t many events in our lives that measure up to the importance of choosing a partner. As soon as the ring is placed on a finger, not only is a relationship status changed, but two lives are altered positively forever. A spouse is more than a best friend, an adviser, a business partner, a fellow parent, or a cheerleader; they are everything! Every decision from this day on is blanketed with the cloak of being together. Two become one building on each other’s talents. This new bond is continually improving. Then one day, not too far off; they will find themselves where I am today. Wondering where the time went and happy beyond words as their children take this same path…


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